IoT RFID Solutions Provider

Innovative Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

Innovative Platform & Powerful Enterprise Software

Easily track your important assets from production all the way to final delivery. Clear end-to-end visibility leads to wiser decisions, higher productivity and mitigates risk due to theft and loss resulting in better customer service & lower costs.​

Supply Chain & Logistics

Increased Productivity, Improved Visibility & Utilization, Mitigate Risk, Theft & Loss, Improved Customer Service


Optimize Parts, Tools & Equip. Inventory Mgmt., Work Order Processing & Shipment Accuracy, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Healthcare & Medical

Labor Savings, Improved Asset Utilization, Improved Patient Experience & Safety, Lower Costs

Hospitality & Leisure

Secure Access & Safety, Improved Asset Tracking & Theft Deterrence, Enhanced Productivity & Customer Experience


Improved Inventory Accuracy, Cost Reduction, Theft Deterrence & Customer Experience

School Safety

Enhance the safety of the children and staff using our advanced monitoring solution from RFRain


Regardless of your application, RFRain’s innovative solutions can help you optimize and simplify your operations while lowering costs

  • Simple
  • Scalable
  • Secure

IoT Solutions Built Around You

RFRain developed the first to market, plug and play end-to-end system of hardware and software that collects data received from RFID tags or sensors and manages the analytics within the cloud.

Voted Top 10 Asset Management Solution 2018 by CIO Magazine