Track Children In & Out of a School Bus

Get daily reports on your students whereabouts

RFID School, Bus & Student Tracking

RFRain provides a slew of benefits to the public and private school system.

According to the SSAC, schools need to be better prepared to face emergencies.  One of the main concerns of school administrators is knowing the name and the location of the students that are getting on and off a school bus each and every day.  In addition, some school administrators have expressed a desire to be able to monitor students entering and exiting a classroom or any area of the school premises.

With RFRain technology, we offer the perfect solution, which allows schools to monitor their students in real time with added ease of e-mail and text notifications.  Below are some of the key application benefits:

Track kids in school buses

RFRain helps you know when and where the kids are dropped out from the bus. In addition, RFRain provides the ability to automatically detect when a child becomes missing.

Track kids in the school

RFRain provides the ability to track the whereabouts of children and faculty in real time accross every classroom and break room. Know where your children or faculty are located in case of any emergency.

Real Time Alert

RFRain provides the ability to send alerts in case a child becomes missing and many more customized alerts options such as food allergies and medical conditions.

An RFRain solution provides you with the following benefits:

Track Kids in Real Time.

Monitor children in real time accross any area of the school, and when children are on the bus using RFRain's Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud software solution. Further, be able to predict dangerous situations before they happen and many more using AI or machine learning algorithms.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly Integrate your ERP system with RFRain Zone Manager using Rest API or direct access.

Alerts and Notifications

Pre-designed Alerts and Workflows using the RFRain Zone Manager Enterprise designed to ensure that faculty and administrators are notified about key issues and/or decisions.

Prepare for Emergencies.

School Faculty and first responders will always know the whereabouts of children in real time in case of any emergency. The RFRain Zone Manager provides you a detailed map with the names of children accross the facility.
  • Simple
  • Scalable
  • Secure

IoT Solutions Built Around You

RFRain developed the first to market, plug and play end-to-end system of hardware and software that collects data received from RFID tags or sensors and manages the analytics within the cloud.

Voted Top 10 Asset Management Solution 2018 by CIO Magazine


Per a 2015 study conducted by Zurich and the Business Continuity Institute, 70% of “Supply Chain Managers” lacked visibility over their whole supply chain, making their businesses more susceptible to disruption, the top risk identified for four consecutive years by the Allianz Risk Barometer. Whether managing risk, improving performance, increasing quality, minimizing losses, or increasing visibility for decision making, RFRain RFID solution is a powerful system to ensure your data is accurate and timely. With RFRain solutions there are many potential scenarios for data tracking, that it really comes down to the creativity of the managers. Below are some the key application benefits:
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