Optimize Inventory Management & Order Accuracy​

RFID Manufacturing Tracking Solution

An RFRain solution can improve material flow management in manufacturing companies and reduce operating costs while increasing reliability and efficiency of operations.

Achieving Warehouse Intelligence through RFRain systems

Warehousing management is a continuous stream of inventory counts, inbound materials, outbound materials, finding misplaced items, shelf-life management and a variety of other storage issues. In the past, data-driven management has been based largely on manual entry processes, such as barcode scanners, that are human resource intensive and prone to human error. RFRain is revolutionizing warehouse intelligence by providing automated inventory management and location identification. Below are some the key application benefits:

Order Tracking & Fulfillment

RFRain can track finished goods as well as the parts that make up each order. By interfacing to the original ordering system, RFRain can also confirm order accuracy.

Manufacturing Parts

RFRain helps optimize & track parts, tools​ & equipment usage and provides inventory management, work order processing & shipment accuracy.

An RFRain solution provides you with the following benefits:

Real Time Asset Tracking

Track the movement of assets in real time at any entry point.

Received Goods Validation

Ensure the accuracy of your received goods, and receive an alert when errors occur.

Alerts and Notifications

Be alerted in real time when shipping error occurs, an asset is about to expire, or for any other reason.


Track all of your assets that are leaving your facility in real time.
  • Simple
  • Scalable
  • Secure

IoT Solutions Built Around You

RFRain developed the first to market, plug and play end-to-end system of hardware and software that collects data received from RFID tags or sensors and manages the analytics within the cloud.

Voted Top 10 Asset Management Solution 2018 by CIO Magazine