RFRain’s RFID Tracking Technology Provides Optimal Asset Management in Manufacturing

In today’s manufacturing, parts are transferred from suppliers to assembly lines to packaging, etc. These items are transported in returnable transport items (RTI) containers and can easily get lost or transported to the wrong place. Tracking RTI’s is a very labor-intensive process which becomes costly and has a high percentage of inaccuracy. RFRain eliminates this traditional manual process providing a spike in productivity, accuracy, and is highly cost-effective. You can enhance the management of assets and goods with RFRain’s RFID tracking technology.

RFRain’s RFID tracking technology gives you access to real-time visibility of your products, inventory, assets, machinery, personnel, and enhances performance minimizing errors and downtime. Mission-critical parts can be managed accurately through automated tracking, and real-time visualization of merchandise is available 24/7. You can forward location data to other applications and backup systems. RFRain designs, build, and manufactures all of our RFID tracking technology so will have access support from our “Go-To” experts as well as the most innovative Iot solutions.

Asset management, as well as decision-making, is optimized by RFRain’s RFID tracking technology. Real-time viewing of asset availability and location accurately improves the overall operations and decision-making. RFID tracking technology cuts labor-intensive traditional methods that have a higher potential for error. Viewing the location of all assets prevents loss and damage versus manual labor of tracking where products were easily misplaced or forgotten.

RFRain has revolutionized the manufacturing industry with RFID tracking technology through our one-stop, end-to-end solution and provides the first Iot solution which directly communicates to the server or cloud. Returnable transport items are better accounted for, and waste becomes a thing of the past with RFRain’s RFID tracking technology. Asset management is also significantly enhanced and productivity spikes. The cost-effective solution to optimizing operations in manufacturing is found through RFID and isn’t a matter of if, but when every manufacturer will utilize RFID tracking technology.