RFID Tracking Technology Provides Utmost Security for Hotel Guests and Personnel

RFRain’s RFID tracking technology provides a way for hotels to save money on the conservation of their linens and supplies. RFID tracking technology offers intelligence of guests interests and behaviors allowing for optimized guest experiences. RFRain’s RFID tracking technology also maintains a heightened sense of security for hotel guests and staff at all times. From tracking guests to personnel to vehicles belonging to the hotel and guests, RFID tracking technology has delivered fantastic results to the hospitality industry.

You can place small RFID tags on the vehicles of your guests and company vehicles as well. You can track their behavior and integrate with other software to enhance the guest experience. For example, when a guest is driving in or out of the hotel, the garage can read the RFID tag and automatically open the garage door and allow access to the guests’ vehicle. Keeping an entry-exit log is vital for security purposes, and RFRain’s RFID tracking technology enhances these practices.

Out of the many types of RFID solutions, the best solution for the hospitality industry is RFID key cards. These RFID key cards are much more secure than the traditional magnetic stripe card technology. RFID key cards are embedded with anti-cloning technology and have much better control of the surroundings. Instead of inserting the cards, you just wave the RFID key cards in front of the reader. This RFID tracking technology lets your guests know that their safety is of utmost importance. Guests will only have access to specific areas during certain times, but this technology will limit entrances of unauthorized guests which enhances the security all around.

ou will also be able to determine the staff’s location at all times with real-time tracking as well as ensuring very little human error or a deficiency in security. All areas will be adequately secure with RFRain’s RFID tracking technology providing your guests and staff are always completely safe, and they are where they’re supposed to be.