RFID Tracking Technology Optimize Guest Experience in Amusement Parks and Resorts

RFID tracking technology has been found to work amazing wonders in the parks and resorts industries. The RFID tracking technology has been implemented primarily for identification and monitoring, ticketing, and a cashless marketplace. With the rise of indoor water parks being built inside of hotels and couldn’t be of better use at a better time. RFID tracking technology such as RFID wristbands is incredibly resourceful in water parks, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, amusement parks, aquariums, museums, and much more!

RFID wristbands are usually passive RFID trackers which means they don’t require batteries. They are much more convenient than bar codes since they don’t require a line of sight for scanning. RFID wristbands have reading/writing capabilities and work with POS proximity readers. RFRain’s RFID wristbands can be read through clothing, through a person’s body, and is not interfered by fluids, making it an ideal solution for ski resorts and water parks. These RFID wristbands are a very effective tracking solution since it is secured to a person’s wrist preventing unauthorized use.

The way RFID wristbands work is the guest’s information is entered into the database. All of the guest’s vital information is entered such as the specific RFID tag ID, access hours permitted for the guest, guestroom number, credit limit, the guest’s preferences, and much other useful information can be incorporated with any other systems used in the park or resort like the PMS for example. With the RFID wristbands, guest’s will have the freedom of not having to carry around keys and cash and enjoy their time and focus on the attractions of the park or resort.

One of the focus areas of the RFID wristbands in parks and resorts are the whereabouts of children and party members. This RFID tracking technology is placed in the waterproof wristbands and allows the guests to be located in real-time on many of the kiosks located throughout the park or resort. Parents have the peace of mind of enjoying themselves thoroughly without the worry or panic of losing their child. The security RFID wristbands provide also allows the child to enjoy their own activities and have the freedom from their parents without being in danger.

At the entry of the park, guests can select their credit limit for their RFID wristbands and allow a limit for their children to purchase food, drinks, and retail items within the park. Guests can buy freely with their RFID wristbands and the thought of theft or lose cash is nonexistent.