API & Protocols

Secure, standardized access to your complete system data via simple RESTful API, SQL, RFR-Prot or LLRP interfaces.

RFID RFRain Application Programming Interface

The RFRain solution provides a variety of interfaces, which allows the user to seamlessly interface with the data and control center. Our interfaces are designed to help you seamlessly integrate our solution into your current processes, procedures and systems.  We aren’t here to take over what you do, but to complement it and help empower better systems with better tools.

LLRP Support

RFRain provides integration support for LLRP protocol to control readers.

Rest API

Our most popular API. Connect to the data thru safe and secure REST API’s.

SQL query support

RFRain provides real time direct access to the database using open source API’s.


RFRain provides direct raw access to the reader using the RFRain M2M protocol with one command.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Interface with our readers using any software package.

  • Interface with our database using our Rest API.

  • Interface with our database from any ERP system.

  • Interface with our system using standard SQL calls.

  • Communicate with our reader using a single command.

  • There is no SDK to install to start interfacing with our system.

  • Simple
  • Scalable
  • Secure

IoT Solutions Built Around You

RFRain developed the first to market, plug and play end-to-end system of hardware and software that collects data received from RFID tags or sensors and manages the analytics within the cloud.

Voted Top 10 Asset Management Solution 2018 by CIO Magazine