How RFRain’s RFID Tracking Solutions Offer Your Guest’s Complete Peace of Mind at Amusement Parks and Resorts

RFID wristbands at theme parks and resorts have revolutionized the overall experience of the guests!

With thousands of people walking around a huge amusement park, water park, or resort, it’s very easy to get lost. Especially for a child to get lost. On average, when a child or family member gets lost, 30 minutes is spent trying to find each other. Sometimes much more time is spent trying to find each other leaving plenty of room for panic.

RFRain’s RFID tracking solutions make it much easier and faster to find each other or even minimize getting lost at all. With chokepoints throughout the park or resort, you can see where the missing person is in real-time.

Enhance your guest’s experience and heighten their sense of security with RFRain’s RFID tracking solutions. Provide them complete fun and excitement with zero worries and panic of anyone in their party getting lost.

Each party member will be issued a wristband which communicates with RFRain’s RFID readers that are set up throughout the park or resort and transmit the exact location of the RFID wristband. If a party member seems to get lost, they can scan their wristband at a scanning locator and see where the rest of their party is located in real-time on a digital map of the park.

Both active and passive RFID is used for the wristband. Long-range communication is used with the active tag, while communication at scanners is used with the passive tag.

Guests will have complete peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be safe at all times and help is immediate. Families and groups can split up and go to separate areas of the park and resort knowing that they can find where the rest of their party is in seconds, which automatically enhances everyone’s experience at the park or resort.

RFRains’s RFID wristbands are waterproof which make it an ideal RFID tracking solution for water parks, ski resorts, beach resorts, and cruise ships as well.

Theme parks and resorts who have already been implementing RFID tracking wristbands have noticed a significant increase in guest satisfaction, higher revenues, and zero error. RFID tracking has enhanced and heightened the parks’ and resorts’ facility navigation and real-time locating of individuals.