How RFID Tracking Technology Offer’s Your Hotel Guests an Optimized Guest Experience

The primary goal in the hospitality industry is to provide unmatched customer experiences. Technology has been the leading runner for meeting and surpassing customer experiences in the hospitality industry. RFID tracking technology has revolutionized the hospitality industry and has set the bar high. RFRain provides RFID tracking technology to optimize customer experience, magnify business insights, and enhance security.

When a guest comes to your hotel, and you present them with an effortless enjoyment of attractions inside of your hotel, you have a delighted guest. With RFRain’s RFID tracking technology you can adopt the same concepts used in amusement parks and resorts. At the point of check-in, your guest can utilize keyless access to their rooms, pool, gym, spa, restaurants, or any other attraction you offer your guests with RFID key cards. These RFID key cards have an anti-cloning technology and are much more secure than the traditional magnetic strip cards that have to be inserted into a reader. You can even enter the guests name, interests, credit limits, and view their shopping habits and areas of interest for marketing purposes and to give your guest a personalized experience.

Security is enhanced with RFID tracking technology by real-time tracking of your guests and personnel. Limiting access and times of certain areas of the hotel increases the security and minimizes the chances of having the wrong people in the wrong places and at the wrong times. Ensuring that your staff is where they need to be to optimize guest experience and enhance the security levels is crucial and is made possible with close to no error through RFRain’s RFID tracking technology.

RFID tracking technology has been proven to provide amazing results in the hospitality industry from saving millions of dollars in lost or wasted inventory to optimizing guest experiences to delivering business insights allowing your hotel to market to and attract your guests over and over.