How RFID Tracking Technology Can Save Hotels Millions of Dollars from Missing Inventory

Hotels lose millions of dollars each year in wasted and lost sheets, shams, pillow covers, towels, and the list goes on and on. A revolutionary method of cutting back on so much waste has proven to save hotels millions of dollars through the RFID tracking technology.

With RFID readers, hotel employees can track, identify, record, and manage information all in real-time. The RFID tracking technology uses radio waves to identify tagged objects from the inventory including liquids. They’re tagged with a unique code allowing the reader to activate a magnetic field to locate and identify the object. If an item is taken out of premises outside of its procedure, the RFID tracking technology warns and helps locate the item. This procedure of RFID tracking allows for an overview of asset utilization patterns across the entire company.

Traditional practices for hotel management work well, however, there is a lot of room for human error and inaccurate estimates of asset use. The RFID tracking technology has helped with the cutting down of costs and overall improvement of hotel performance including hotel restaurants and resorts. Hotel restaurants and bars suffer a great deal of lost and stolen inventory. Loss of inventory and supplies can be cut significantly down through RFID tracking technology.

RFRain provides washable RFID tracking tags allowing the hospitality industry keep track of their linens and uniforms of the staff. With the RFID tracking technology, you may consider theft, loss, and misplacement of linens and supplies a thing of the past.

Room management is now much more efficient with the use of RFID tracking technology. Room information such as vacant and occupied rooms are visible in real-time. The RFID tracking technology makes online booking a much more efficient process and optimizes the overall room management. With millions saved on wasted inventory and smarter room management, RFID tracking technology opens the doors of efficiency and raised revenue in the hospitality industry.