How RFID Tracking Technology can Enhance Guest Experience at Resorts

One of the most common places we see the use of RFID tracking technology is in theme parks. However, hotels and resorts can greatly benefit from the numerous advantages RFID tracking technology offers. In parks the guests’ vital information is entered into the database with their RFID tag number such as their name, credit limits, interests, access areas, etc. This interface allows the park to identify and capture information such as their interests, where they spent most of their time, and their movements. Resorts can take full advantage of this intelligence through RFRain’s tracking technology for marketing purposes and overall optimization of the guest’s experience at their resort. By tracking the guests’ preferences, an incremental income is associated with the specific areas of interest within the hotel or resort.

Perhaps an RFID wristband may not be the best option for a hotel or resort guests, but this same RFID tracking technology of the RFID wristband can be utilized in an RFID-enabled key card. Similar to a casino’s player card, the hotel or resorts guests’ RFID key card will have all the substantial guest information such as interests and spending patterns which make the advantages of marketing to the guest indispensable as well as optimizing the overall operations of enhancing guest experience.

With the intelligence gathered from RFRain’s RFID tracking technology, hotels and resorts can anticipate the spending habits and provide an accurate amount of staff, products, and services to best accommodate the guests.

By providing a simplistic form of accessing the resort, their rooms, and the cashless shopping all while maintaining high security and giving them peace of mind, you are providing the ultimate guest experience for your resort. A hands-free experience from carrying keys and cash allows your guest to fully focus on enjoying their time and taking advantage of the attractions your resort has to offer.